Monday, 17 April 2017

Foveo Vincent Arrival

I've been in this hobby a long time and after so many years (we're talking over a decade!) It is very easy to lose a lot of the excitement that comes with a new arrival but I've had such a strong image of what this character will be and how he needed to look and so upon opening him, I was thrilled that he looked just like how he needed to, to execute my idea.

The Foveo packaging is really pretty. It feels like i'm going to unwrap a luxury candle. 
They included a super cute tiny pin with him. 

His teeth! I love doll teeth and I love that this mouth is very open so the teeth will be super visible.

I absolutely adore his profile. This nose is the cutest nose I've ever seen.  

He's just beautifully sculpted. I'm so happy with him! 
I hope that I can piece together all of his components in a way that will bring him to life in the way I have imagined him. 

His concept is very muted compared to the kind of thing I normally do. 
I've recently been incredibly interested in Herbalism and while studying various poisonous plants decided that this will be a representation of Hemlock. 

More about that later. 

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